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2009 Coos Bay Dredging
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American Construction Company (ACC) won a contract to perform maintenance dredging for the Port of Coos Bay. The project was essential for the economic growth of coastal Oregon and its surrounding community. ACC dredged 1,078,635 cubic yards using our 200 ton Derrick Barge (DB) Patriot and its 34 cubic yard clamshell bucket. In order to meet capacity demands, ACC used two dump barges to ensure timelines were met. During the job, approximately 290,000 cubic yards were added to the original contract. This large increase, combined with severe weather during dredging complicated operations. However, strong lines of communication were established with the owner and ACC was able to adjust accordingly and still complete the job by the agreed upon date when the contract was awarded.

The efficiency and expertise of the ACC crew proved invaluable to meet deadlines despite the 36% scope increase.

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