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200 Ton Floating Crane
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  • Clamshell Work - Dredging
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Pile Driving
The Derrick Barge (DB) Guardian is the largest of our floating cranes. This 200 ton capacity floating crane easily drives challenging piling, can lift transfer spans and other boats, and conducts dredging operations. Outfitted with the latest equipment, this crane is a haven for operators.

A unique story, this crane was originally bought on EBay from the Washington State Ferry System and shipped to our Tacoma, Washington yard. The American Construction team then assembled and built the crane from the ground up and created the largest and most powerful of the American Construction floating fleet. Since the DB Guardian has a load line, it can perform work in Washington, Oregon, California and Alaska.

  • Barge Dimensions
    • 140 ft x 70 ft x 12.5 ft
    • 8.5 ft draft fully equipped
  • Max Load Rating from the Stern = 200 Ton
  • Max Load Rating Full Revolving = 175 Ton
  • Single Line Pull = 100,000lb
  • Boom Length = 180-210ft
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