2000 Mukilteo Ferry Terminal
Mukilteo Ferry Terminal

American Construction Company (ACC) was awarded the contract to upgrade the facilities at the Mukilteo Ferry terminal. ACC removed and replaced the wingwall on site utilizing our floating barges. On site, the dolphins were becoming dilapidated and ACC took on the repair of two of the existing dolphins and the replacement of another floating dolphin. ACC furnished 656 linear feet of timber piling and 30 cubic meters of creosote treated timber and lumber in order to complete the project. Additionally, ACC mobilized our floating cranes to drive the steel piling which ranged from 14" - 30" in diameter and lengths between 67' - 105'.

The ferry schedule was modified to accommodate the work being done. Therefore, adhering to the agreed upon schedule was critical to the overall use and access of the ferry terminal. Given our expertise with such projects, we remained on schedule even with changes requested of us by the customer.

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