2013 P-857 Mooring Dolphin
($1,213,000 )
P-857 Mooring Dolphin

American Construction Co. (ACC) was awarded a contract to install mooring dolphins at Naval Base Kitsap. The work included construction of a mooring and berthing slip at the Service Pier. The project included construction of Marine Donut Fenders, rearrangement of an existing floating dock to create a new layout, installation of new floating dock sections, electrical and utility work to connect new barge and driving anchor piles for floating dock and incidental related work. ACC furnished and installed 16 steel piles (up to 48" diameter) to support acoustical testing operations for the Navy.

This project had an extremely tight corridor to drive the large diameter piling. As a result, ACC moved and modified timber floating docks to allow access to the project site and performed the demolition and disposal of a concrete mooring dolphin. Our team exceeded all environmental compliance requirements to meet the Navy and local standards.

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