> Whirley Yard Cranes
WHIRLEY 15 & 16
85 Ton Yard Cranes
  • Whirley
  • Whirley
  • Whirley
  • Whirley
  • Whirley
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Loading and off loading of materials and equipment on to barges
  • Trans-ship equipment for clients
  • Length Overall = 156 ft
  • Boom Length = 160 ft
  • Rail to Boom Heel Height = 48 ft
  • Main Hoist Capacity = 170,000 lbs
  • Auxiliary Hoist Capacity = 50,000 lbs
  • Whip Hoist Capacity = 15,000 lbs
The two American Construction whirley cranes round out the American Construction operations. These cranes are able to perform the loading and off-loading of materials and equipment onto barges and trucks. They are great for the trans-ship of equipment for and are regularly used for Alaska barge movements. Their main hoist capacity of 170,000 pounds allows for the movement of any shape and size piece of equipment. Located at the American Construction Company yard in Tacoma, Washington, their location is ideal for loading near the Port of Tacoma, around the Puget Sound, and the various ports in the area.
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